A taste from the past 

Leveraging off the historical craft of bamboo pole noodles that had been passed down generations into our family, at D'Big mama Noodles we continue to make noodles by hand with the integration of machines to create the same texture and taste of noodles made in our history.Today the noodles are made with Local Australian ingredients without the aid of Artificial preservatives or colouring.


凭借传承至今的竹竿面条的历史工艺,在 肥妈面厂,我们继续通过机械集成以手工制作面条,以创造出与我们历史相同的面条质地和口味。如今,面条是用澳大利亚当地食材制成的,没有人工防腐剂或色素的帮助。